General terms and conditions for the paid provision of camping spaces and parking areas

1. Booking (Contract)
The contract for the use of parking spaces or parking areas between the person and Camping Hobitsch or CAMPER PARK NOCKBERGE and Fam Hobitsch as operator of the campsite comes with sending a reservation booking, which shall be sent by us after receipt of the booking request. This agreement about the essential elements of the contract (price, performance and time) involves rights and duties for the person booking:


2. Delayed Arrival
In case of delayed arrival the parking lot or the parking area is kept free. However, if the arrival is the day after the reservation date, the missed day will be charged. If inform us about your late arrival by telephone or by e-mail no fee will be charged.


3. No-Show
If you do not show up in the agreed reservation period, the operator claims a fee in the amount of an one night stay.


4. Avoidance of contract


4.1. Single Bookings
There is no fee if, you cancel in writing (e-mail) up to 7 days prior to the agreed arrival.


4.2. Cancellation not in time
If cancellation for single bookings are not carried out like scheduled in 4.1., then the operator of the campsite is entitled to demand a cancellation fee of 50 euros. Any cancellation has to be in writing by fax, referring to the day of arrival to the address of the campsite. Relevant for the calculation of time limits is the date of receipt of the declaration at the campground. The cancellation deadline is back from the date of scheduled arrival, the term run is not interrupted through Sundays and holidays.


5. Payment
The payment for the agreed period is paid in cash on the evening before departure or on request of the operator immediately at arrival at the reception.


6. Delayed departure
The departure should be made by 12.00 clock. In the case of a late departure, the cost of an extra night will be charged. This measure is undertaken in the interest of arriving passengers, and we apologize for any inconvenience. If your pitch is not going to be taken on the same day of your departure, you are welcome to leave in the afternoon. If you wish to do so, please contact us.


7. Camping manners


7.1. Registration
Sign in at the entrance of the Camper Park. In your own interest, we ask you to submit a Campingcarnet, an identity card or a passport when signing up.


7.2. Pitches
The campsite operator wil allot your pitch on the campsite. Of course, we will consider your wishes as much as possible. Drive only at walking pace on the campsite – speed 10 km/h.’


7.3. Rest time

Night rest from 22.00-06.30

During this time it is not possible to check-in and out. Parking is available at the parking lot. Please think about your neighbors and support us in an effort to ensure maximum relaxation. We exclude violeters that disturb other guests. Striking can be started at the earliest from 07:00.


7.4. Restaurants and dining
In our Buffet you will find a reasonable selection of dishes. Also available for takeaway. Open from Monday to Sunday from 11:00 until 21:30.


7.5. Waste disposal
Our Camping Park is a like a large living room where you want to feel good. To protect our environment and keep the waste as low as possible, we have established a dump. We ask you to separate the garbage and sort it into glass, plastic, metal, paper, waste and organic waste. So we can jointly prevent any increase in the trash fee.


7.6. Visitors
Visitors must register before entering the campsite! In the interest of order and security, we ask for strict compliance with these visitors only. Otherwise a visitor fee of 10 euros will be charged. The measures provided for visitor parking areas are located on the side of the washing and pool area!


7.7. Pets
Dogs should be ok just out on a leash. There are no pets allowed in the sanitary building. Dog waste on streets and green spaces need to be removed immediately by the owner. Agressive dogs and guard dogs are not allowed. Please make sure that your pet does not make noise. Dog waste bags are available directly at the garbage area.


7.8. Sanitary facilities
Please be very considerate in matters of hygiene and leave the toilet block in the way you want to find it. Water is a precious commodity and we should treat it that way. Children under 10 must be accompanied by adult supervision please people in the toilet block. Throughout sanitary hygienic reasons smoking is forbidden!


7.9. pitch etiquette (use, supply and disposal)
Please keep the pitch in an orderly and clean condition. Open fires are prohibited. During a fire, everyone is obliged to provide immediate assistance – Fire extinguishers can be found in the current boxes and toilet block. The pouring of sewage in the parking lot and pulling slit trenches are not allowed. We ask you to help us in maintaining the lawn and not to place mats on the lawn. Upon departure, please clean the pitch properly. Note that our power supply is protected with 16 ampere. For chemical toilet boxes and the right RV tank disposal we have a drain connection at the sanitary area and at the swimming pool. There is also a chemical toilet sink also at the rear of the cabin tract. The refuelling of campers in the summer may be carried out at the campsite itself – but you must inform the site owner prior to departure! In winter: refuelling only in the presence of an employee of Camping Hobitsch or the campsite owner himself.


7.10. The parks
Please help us to preserve our green spaces. They’re there for you. If there is damage done, we must take the perpetrators to justice.


7.11. Swimming pool
The use of the swimming pool shower before actual bathing is not only desirable but mandatory because of hygienic reasons. Please note the special instructions and conditions of use at the entrance of the swimming pool.


7.12 Children and minors
Please keep in mind that our camping Park focuses on recreation, relaxation and pleasure, and that we have special facilities for children (playground, beach volleyball court, multi function court). Many guests appreciate the quiet and relaxed atmosphere in our camping park. Minors are only allowed on the campsite, if they are accompanied during the entire stay by parents or adult guardians. Parents or adult guardians are responsible for the behavior of minors and have to take care that children do not disturb the peace and security of the other guests. The duty of supervision for children is accepted by the parents or approved guardians. We are released from any liability. The supervisors are also responsible for ensuring that the children in the camping area and the swimming pool area to cause any damage and bring themselves or others not in danger. In the pool area, the separate regulations are followed. Ball games are not allowed between the tents, on the streets and  the swimming pool area.


7.13. Billing
To avoid unnecessary waiting times on the day of departure, we recommend you to pay camping fees on the day prior to your departure. If you only stay for one night, the camping fees are processed on the day of departure. Please give the place by no later than 12 noon lunch in the interest of arriving guests. Should your there be no arrival held on the same day, you can leave gladly in the afternoon. If you wish to do so please contact us.


7.14. Special arrangement
We reserve the right at any time to make changes of regulations in the sense of a regulated flow. We reserve the right to exclude those from the camping park who disturb the peace and harmony of the general public through their behaviour or do not follow the above rules.